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    My son Joel


    Posts : 4
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    Location : Sheffield

    My son Joel

    Post by x~Lexie~x on Mon Jun 28, 2010 5:29 am

    Joel was born naturally just 3 days early weighing in at 5lbs 15oz. He
    was a healthy newborn and we had no idea there was a problem until he
    was 6 weeks old.

    When he went for his first lot of jabs and check
    up, the doctor noticed he had a heart murmer. He was referred to the
    Sheffield Children's Hospital where the Doctors there diagnosed a hole
    in the heart. He was then sent to the Children's ward at Leeds General
    Infirmary for a heart scan, and it was there that DORV was diagnosed.

    Outlet Right Ventricle (DORV) means that the 2 main arteries that run
    from his heart BOTH run from the right ventricle, Joel has nothing
    running from his left ventricle.

    He also has a large hole in the
    centre of his heart, but in Joel's case this is a good thing. Because
    there is no outlet from his left ventricle, any blood that goes into
    there is using the hole as an escape route, without it, the blood would
    have nowhere to go and Joel would be much much more poorly than he is.

    look at Joel, you would have no idea that there is anything wrong, the
    only way you would know is if you were to put your hand on his chest,
    because the murmer is so strong you can actually FEEL it! Rather than a
    bump bump bump feel, its more of a buzz buzz buzz. But other than that
    there is no way of knowing.

    Joel is a lovely colour, he is small
    for his age, he is now 2 years old but he's about the avarage size of a
    16/18month old. (So about 6 month behind in growth) His development with
    certain things is slow too. He was very late sitting up (8 months) and
    was 18 months when he walked.

    Joel was, at one point, being
    monitered for his weight, which dropped so low they couldn't measure it
    on his chart, but thank fully he is gaining it well now and has reached
    his target.

    Joel has heart scans every few months, his last one
    was on 3rd February 2010. At his last scan they discovered that as well
    as the DORV he also has another artery that twists underneath his heart,
    this has complicated things even further. They are now unsure whether
    they will ever beable to correct his condition, it's all a matter of
    wait and see what happens.

    His next scan on on the 2nd July.

    Well that's a bit about Joel - i will
    keep you updated with his heart scans etc. Thanks for reading. xx

    Posts : 48
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    Re: My son Joel

    Post by welshmel on Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:07 am

    awwww love him ..... hope all goes well for his scan on the 2nd july xx

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    Location : uk

    Re: My son Joel

    Post by emmawellingtons on Thu Jul 01, 2010 4:57 pm

    hope everything goes well at the scan tomorrow hun x lots of hug to you & your family x x x

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    Re: My son Joel

    Post by Sponsored content

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